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At iTech Education, we realize that a major human goal is that inherent aspiration to connect potentials with opportunities of growth for a nation and/or a people in the pursuit of their self-fulfillments. We also realize that this aspiration is key to the evolving global focus on harnessing Information Technology and its limitless opportunities in driving the potentials for sustainable development of nations and also in igniting personal aspirations of the people.

In the last few decades, Information Technology has become that greatest resource of empowering nations and enabling people toward an assured prosperity either in economy, education, security, health and/or politics. Indeed, IT has become a leveler of opportunities in lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty from China to India and every nation that desires a speed but sustainable development. This is the reason it has become expedient for Nigeria to key into IT as a strategy direction to our development. It is the primary reason for the founding of iTech Education.
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